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Visit Report

Visit to The Van Gogh and Britain Exhibition at Tate Britain

Tuesday 30th April

The visit was blessed with fine weather and a coach driver who was able to negotiate his coach through the newly configured road layout around Baker Street.

The lecture by Frank Woodgate, the third he has given preceding an Exhibition was entertaining and erudite. It certainly helped us to focus on various aspects of individual paintings and understand who and what had inspired Van Gogh.

Van Gogh was a linguist and spoke and read English well. Books were an inspiration to him particularly those by Dickens. During his time in London when he worked for Goupil, the Art Dealers, he travelled to work by river, underground and on foot. Many of the sites he saw he used in his paintings. He was influenced by many artists and in turn early 20th century post impressionist artists were influenced by him.

“A toi, Van Gogh!”

Susan Aldridge